Less fear, more hope, please…

In addition to making personal attacks on their opponents, another overwhelmingly sickening practice this campaigning season is the spreading a of fear. A LOT of fear. On both sides.

The opposition have been trying to scare us into thinking that if the PAP were to be re-elected, they would reverse their move to the left, raise taxes, become even more arrogant and detached from the suffering and aspirations of the common people. We will have higher taxes. We will never get any of our CPF money back. We will have greater income inequality and all the pain that comes with that. We will end up as serfs under an oppressive regime.

The PAP is equally guilty of fear mongering. Our water supply will be cut off. All the foreign investors will pull their money out of Singapore. Our currency will spiral down to worthlessness. Our parliament will snarl up (I really do not think it will). No decisions will be taken. Our society will be split asunder. Our country will crumble. We will lose the sovereignty of our nation. We will end up as slaves to other nations.

How utterly depressing.

I think we can do better than that.

Rather than trying to scare us into NOT voting for your opponent or scare us into voting for you, why don’t you try inspiring us instead?

Inspire us with a vision where, with you leading us, we can legitimately hope for a brighter, better future. But do not just tell us about towering skyscrapers, covered walkways, beautiful gardens, or any of those SimCity-esque stuff. You are more than just a city planner. Inspire us with how the lives of people will be happier, how the spirit of our people will be lifted, how the overall state of our nation will be stronger because of your leadership.

Inspire us to have confidence in you as a leader. But do not just tell us about the achievements of your party. Do not just tell us about how smart you are, the great schools you have been to or the high paying jobs you have held. Inspire us with your personal stories of your struggles and triumphed, your defeats and victories, how you have touched other people’s lives and how they have touched yours. Inspire us with the force of your character and gentleness of your humility.

Inspire us to have the conviction to follow you, even through hell if necessary. Inspire us to believe that come hail or high water, if we follow you, you will lead us to a better place. Inspire us to WANT to give our finest and our best, over and over again.


I don’t know.

But perhaps the candidates can get some ideas from this guy.


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