Why GE2015 made me hopeful

I have just voted. At the time of posting this, the results of GE2015 are still unknown. I have friends who are genuinely scared that there will be a freak election even though I think a snowflake has a higher chance of surviving hell than that happening.

Freak election results aside, I have friends who are worried by the vigorous discussions flying on social media during the campaigning period of GE2015. They feel that it is evidence of irreconcilable differences in the sort of government we want. They are concerned that these differences will irreparably divide our nation.

I don’t agree with them. Rather than causing me to worry, GE2015 made me feel hopeful. Why? Because I believe that, notwithstanding our apparent differences that manifested during the campaigning period of GE2015, the whole process showed that we care.

We care deeply for our nation. We care deeply for the lives of fellow Singaporeans. We care deeply for our home.

The number of candidates and volunteers from all works of life who are willing to step out and step up to make this democratic process possible is showed how much we care. The droves of people who turn up at rally without any ostensible incentives showed how much we care. The vigor of discussion during the campaign period showed how much we care. That most of us take our vote seriously showed how much we care.

We may disagree on the way forward. We may disagree on how to get to where we want to go. We may disagree on who makes the best captain and steward of our nation. We may even disagree on what Singapore is – are we a cruise ship, a casino ship or a sampan?

But I think most, if not all, of us agree on one thing. We want the best for Singapore and Singaporeans.

We are united in our resolve that Singapore continues to thrive. We are united in our resolve that we continue to progress. We are united in our resolve that if we, or at least our children and grandchildren, get to see a stronger, more vibrant, more prosperous, and happier Singapore at SG100.

We are more united than we give ourselves credit for. We are more similar than we think. And even where we are not, we are better at resolving our differences than we believe we are capable of.

Consequently, after the dust of GE2015 has settled, I am hopeful that Singapore will move on. Better. Stronger. And we will go further.

Why? Because while it is important that who our political leaders are, Singapore is much larger than which political party forms the government of the day. Whatever the decision of the electorate is, I am confident that Singaporeans, united and resolute, will make our decision right.

Majullah Singapura!


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