It’s raining death and destruction


There is this message that has been made viral through Whatsapp. This message claims that Singapore government is seeding clouds to make it rain. It then warns people to “keep away from these chemically induced rain showers”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 15.26.10

The offending viral message

Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and the NEA have refuted the claims that Singapore is seeding clouds.

Minister Vivian's Facebook post about the offending viral message

Minister Vivian’s Facebook post about the offending viral message

Other than making an erroneous claim that Singapore is seeding clouds, the offending message is also wrong in suggesting that people should keep away from the rain showers because they are chemically induced. There have been numerous studies that showed negligible ecological and health impacts of cloud seeding. There are some concerns though… That silver toxicity (sliver iodide is sometimes used to seed clouds) is bio-accumulative and prolonged exposure can result in respiratory distress in… wait for it… some species of fish.

So unless you are a fish, being exposed momentarily to chemically induced rain showers will do you no more harm than being caught in a naturally occurring rain.

All these information about whether chemically rain is harmful to humans is readily available on the Internet. I certainly do hope that anyone who received that message would have checked to learn that there is no need to be particularly worried about chemically induced rain and thus not be alarmed by the stupid message.

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