WP are like dogs…

During one of the WP rallies, one of the speakers compared Minister Shanmugam to a dog. He wasn’t actually calling Miniter Shanmugam a dog. He was actually telling Minister that he shouldn’t be like a guard dog, which only barks very loudly at home but doesn’t make any sounds when outside. It was a metaphor.

But dog metaphors fit PAP very poorly. I understand why Minister Shanmugam was offended. Would he perhaps be happy with a cat metaphor instead? Cos you see…

dog cat difference

Instead of using dog metaphors on PAP, I think dog metaphors fit the opposition parties better. Especially WP.


Dogs are loyal. They are steadfast. Yes, they may make mistakes once in a while, but they will look at you with those big round eyes and try their best to win their ways back into your hearts:

You may neglect them. Leave them for long periods of time. But when you get back, you can be sure that they will give you one heck of a welcome home:

That’s why I think WP are like dogs. We will use them as we like, have them by our side when we think we need them, but we will berate them when we think that they are being irritating. Worse, we will not hesitate to abandon them when we think we no longer need them.

But no matter what we do, they, like dogs, will stay by our side, loyal and steadfast, protecting us, watching out for us, loving us, ever hopeful that we will change our hearts.

Personally, I would much rather our politicians and political parties be like dogs with us being the masters. That is certainly better than our politicians and political parties being like wolves with us as the sheep. Right?

[Featured photo by Edgar Su/Reuters, taken from The Guardian website]


2 thoughts on “WP are like dogs…

  1. But but, cats are cute and fluffy. PAP..none of their ministers is cute and fluffy. And cats have lots of attitude. Pap..devoid of everything and anything. I LOVE CATS.


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