Nelson Mandela – South Africa’s Amos Yee

That is according to someone by the name of Jason Venning. He has written a 26 page book titled Singapore’s Mandela: A Brief History of Amos Yee. The book is selling for £3.23. That converts to roughly $7.

In the book’s introduction, Venning asks: “does every great man who dares, and has the wherewithal, to chart a new course for his country have to experience hardship and pain in the pursuit of that goal?” Venning then answers that it seems to be the case. He claims that Amos Yee seems to be the person who is charting the course of Singapore.

Ok. I know it’s difficult. But you can stop rolling your eyes already.

In comparing Amos Yee to Nelson Mandela, Venning has greatly insulted Nelson Mandela. I know that this is an insufferable insult to all South Africans. I know it is difficult for you to bear having the memory of South Africa’s greatest son marred by this ridiculous comparison. For that, I am terribly sorry.

If anything, I hope you feel assuaged in knowing that Venning wrote his book without even meeting Amos Yee. So perhaps we can forgive Venning for not understanding that Amos Yee is NOTHING like Nelson Mandela. While Mandela fought selflessly for his country and his people, Amos is (from what I have gathered from people who know him) a self-centred megalomaniac.

There is one silver lining in this whole sordid affair. If  Venning can write a 26-page book about someone whom he has not met, charge $7, and probably tempt some people enough to pay for his drivel, then perhaps all of us can possibly make some money by writing our own “books”. Time to start!

[Featured Image: Apple’s tribute photo to Nelson Mandela]


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