Don’t wait. Start. Now.

I have been toying around with an idea for a while. It’s not completely novel. But what I have in mind is, I think, sufficiently different from the other things that are already available in the market. But the thing is, it is not revolutionary. And it is not as if I really have all the necessary resources to “fight” against the established players.

So I have been dragging my feet, not sure if I should start working on the idea. What if people do not find what I have done useful? What if it ends up being not differentiated enough from what is already out there? What if I cannot get enough people to know about what I have done? That would mean time, money and effort wasted.

Perhaps this idea is not in the area that I should get started in. Perhaps I should wait a little. Perhaps I should go find out more. Perhaps I should ask a few more people. Perhaps I should do a bit more research. Perhaps I should wait till I have enough resources to muscle in and fight against the established players. Perhaps the time is just not right yet.



Then I remembered this quote from Napolean Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich:


So. I have decided to take the plunge. And have taken my first (small) steps toward turning my idea into a reality.

I am really excited. Yet. Scared too. Which is strange. In the past, I have also embarked on projects that I am not completely confident of. But this time… This time feels different. I actually feel quite excited, nervous and scared all at the same time.

But I have started. As I progress, I am certain that I will meet more people, find more resources and learn new things that will contribute to the success of what I want to achieve.

So. For all of you who are also thinking of starting something new. Do whatever research you think is necessary. Plan however much you need. But do not suffer from the paralysis of analysis. Do not be too fixated with making the right decisions. Sometimes, it is about making the decisions right too.

So, even though it is going to be scary, even though you may not have all the answers, even though you may not have all the resources you think you need, JUST START.

start now

And keep on going. Somehow, we will get there.


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