SDP foresaw the Hep C outbreak!

In a GE2015 rally on 9 September 2015 Prof Paul Tambyah highlighted some policy alternatives that SDP has come up with. Amongst others, he spoke about how SDP recommended that all our wards should have at most two beds. A quick check on SDP’s website seem to suggest that SDP first made this policy recommendation on 6 August 2015.

Prof Paul Tamyah at the rally speech on 9 September explained the rationale for having wards with at most two beds. The primary reason being that having four or six beds in the same ward increases the risk of an outbreak of infectious disease. And Prof Tambyah would know something about infectious diseases. He is an infectious disease physician. That is his area of expertise.

Well… in light of what has been announced, looks like Prof Paul Tambyah and SDP were right. Now, imagine if we had known about this incident earlier, would that not make it so much harder for a certain political party to defend its position? So is there reason to believe that the news was deliberately suppressed for certain political gain? Well… you decide.

In any case, here’s Prof Paul Tambyah’s speech:

[Featured image: screen shot of video of Prof Paul Tambyah’s speech at rally]


6 thoughts on “SDP foresaw the Hep C outbreak!

  1. But even if it’s 2 beds per ward/room, how effective will it be to prevent infectious diseases, especially the air-borne ones? It’s going to be in the air circulation system.


      • But you mentioned in an earlier article that air purifiers aren’t effective….

        And just to be cheeky – are there non-electric air purifiers?


      • I said tt great big tower is not effective because the environment it operates in isn’t a closed environment and haze can flow continually into tt space. This case is v different from tt.

        Non-electric air purifiers ah… I think hv…


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