Money back guaranteed way of buying winning lottery ticket

In Singapore, it is not uncommon to see people queueing up to buy 4D. 4D is one of Singapore’s many different lotteries. Buy a ticket with a 4-digit number and if your number gets chosen, or, as we Singaporeans say, “open”, then you win some money. How much money you win depends on which category your number “opens” in and whether you bought the number as “big” or “small”.

Many people have tried many different ways of analysing 4D winning numbers, attempting to come up with a system that helps people buy that winning number. Some methods I have heard of include numerology, astrology, and praying at certain trees.

I have a method, which does not just help, but GUARANTEES that you will be able to buy the winning 4D number. But you must do EXACTLY what I say.

And the method is this.

Buy all the numbers from 0000 to 9999. Every single number. Don’t miss any one. Buy 10,000 numbers. And you will DEFINITELY have bought the winning numbers.

Except that you will still lose. You would have spent $10,000. And, if you bought all “big”, then you would have gotten back $6,590. In other words, you would have lost $3,410.

Moral of the story. It’s ok to buy lottery once in a while. For fun. For a bit of thrill. But don’t get hooked. In the long run, the house ALWAYS wins.

[Featured image: TNP]


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