YEAH! NEL blackout! Let’s CHEER!!!

So there was a blackout at a number of stations along the NEL that led to disruptions in train services this morning. Well… as a good obedient Singaporean, I will do what our good Minister Khaw has asked us to do. And that is to cheer the public transport team along! YEAH! You go, guys! Not enough? Here. Here’s a clip of the world cheerleading champions this year to cheer you guys on even more!

To be fair, I think the train disruption was fairly well-handled and service was resumed after ONLY 20 minutes. So we really should be grateful.

And it seems that Minister Khaw is prescient. He posted something on his blog just yesterday calling SMRT and SBSTranist to be prepared to better recover from disruptions.

On a more serious note. I don’t understand why there are so many disruptions on the NEL. While we can attribute disruptions on the North-South or East-West lines to age and years of corporate management that neglected maintenance, the same cannot be said of the NEL. The NEL is about 13 years old. I don’t remember the North-South or East-West lines having such serious disruptions when it was 13 years old. So is there something fundamentally wrong with the NEL design and construction? If not, why so many disruptions so early on in its lifecycle?

[Featured image: From Straits Times website by Jamie Koh]


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