Never too late to be successful

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I started something new recently. So far, it has been a very interesting journey. There are times when I am extremely excited about the prospects of what I am doing. But there are also times when I feel extremely daunted by what lies ahead.

In those times when I feel daunted, I start to doubt myself. Who am I to succeed? I know so little about this thing that I am doing! I am completely new to it! So many other people have tried similar things and did they all succeed? NO! So what makes me think I am special and will succeed?

And I must confess that all the self-doubt has made me feel like throwing in the towel. Maybe it is better that I quit now than to waste the time, effort and resources on something that may not work. Maybe it is better to cut losses early. I mean… I am going to be in my late 30’s! Not much time to experiment, try things out…

Then, I read this article about 24 people who became really successful late in their lives (i.e. after 40). In the list are people like Stan Lee who created his first hit comic, “The Fantastic Four”, just before his 39th birthday in 1961, Donald Fisher, who was 40 and had no experience in retail, when he and his wife opened their first Gap store in San Fransico in 1969, and Ray Kroc, who was a milkshake device salesman before buying McDonald’s at age 52, and grew it into the the world’s biggest fast food franchise.

But then I heard self-doubt talking again: Those people. They all had some special skills that allowed them to be successful! You don’t! Those people. They were probably lucky! You probably won’t be!

Then I remembered something a friend told me once: Don’t look for excuses for failure. Find reasons to succeed. Make plans for success. If what you are doing is important enough to you, you WILL find a way to succeed.

So. I am now finding reasons to succeed. I know that I am creating value with this thing that I am doing. That should be my main motivation. That alone makes what I do important. So. With that in mind, soldier on! Let’s go!

[Featured Image: Part of poster of the movie 300]


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