Celebrate little victories

I read that one of the ways to stay motivated on the path towards a grand vision is to celebrate little victories.

And so, here goes my mini-celebration for the couple little victories I’ve attained for the last week.

First little victory. This blog has already attracted 20,000 views in the less than two months since I started it. I have no idea whether 20,000 views for a two-month old blog is considered good or bad. But, I am still going to count this as a little victory. That said, if you have enjoyed reading my blog, I will really be eternally grateful if you can like the Facebook page and get your friends to like the Facebook page too!

Second little victory. I have completed the first stage of the new thing that I started. It’s probably the simplest of all the stages, but, hey, at least this idea now isn’t just an idea in my head. And I have taken little steps toward the next few milestones. So. I shall count this as a little victory too.

But I am not going to rest on my laurels. A new week. More challenges. More excitement. More fun. And, hopefully, more little victories!


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