Children learning to take over from hawker parents

One of my favourite hawker foods is the kway chup at Old Airport Road Market. Once when S and I were there, S learnt that the three sons of the owner of that stall have, with his blessings, decided to set up a new stall at the new Ci Yuan hawker centre.

Since we were in the area on Sunday, we decided to give it a try.


The stall bears the same name, but it doesn’t look as… vibrant and lively as the one in Old Airport Road. There isn’t the same energy. Maybe because it is still new, so that’s why it doesn’t have that long queue at the Old Airport Road stall that we have become familiar with. 

Apparently, the sons prepare all the items in this stall themselves (i.e. not prepared in some central kitchen). So we were keen to know if the food tastes the same. Well… food wise… The kway is smooth and “q” enough. The lor gravy is flavourful.

IMG_3378The meat, egg and other ingredients have sufficiently absorbed the  full flavours of the gravy. The ingredients are cooked just right and have the right texture.

But… there is still something missing. I can’t quite lay my finger on it. Maybe it’s purely an irrational bias because I know the food is prepared by the sons rather than by the father. But it just seems that the kway chup isn’t quite at the standard of the original stall yet.

That said, it is heartening to know that the sons are willing to try to take over the craft from their father. I hope that they will persevere and get to the same standard as their father. I hope that they will inspire more young people to get into the hawker business so that our hawker culture can be preserved and (hopefully) even grown!  Worth supporting!


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