Homeless man gets second chance through music

You know… sometimes we see certain people… and we immediately jump to certain conclusions about them. If they are unshaven, if they look scruffy, if they are homeless, then we immediately think that he’s a useless bum. If we then know that that person was a drug addict, then it is quite natural that we write him off as hopeless. And that is very often why they are caught in such a vicious cycle that they  find it so difficult to break out of. Unless… some small miracle happens that lets the world see them in a different light. Like what happened for Donald Gould:

I was tearing when I watched this. And decided to find out more about Donald Gould.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Donald was pursuing a degree in music, but ran out of money for his tuition fees, leaving him a few credits short of a full degree. He then joined the US Marine. He had to suffer the tragedy of losing his wife and was addicted to drugs and alcohol. As a result, his son was taken away from him. He had not seen his son for 15 years. But thanks to his the video that had gone viral, he managed to speak to his son via a video call.

That isn’t all he got from the video. Donald got a free haircut and makeover, was given the chance to play the Star-Spangled Banner before the Vikings-49ers NFL game. Spring Arbor University has offered him a full scholarship to help him finish his degree. A group of kind-hearted people have also come together to raise money for him. The person who posted the video on YouTube has committed to passing Donald all the money earned frome the YouTube video.

It just goes to show that there is still some good in the world. And that we shouldn’t judge and condemn people. Everyone deserves a second chance. Who knows what potential we can unlock in people if we give them a second chance.


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