Tougher the challenge, sweeter the victory

I have had friends tell me that I shouldn’t start on things that I am not familiar with. “You are too old already to be trying new things,” they said. “Stick with things you know well,” they advised. “If you fail, you won’t have enough time to pick yourself up,” they cautioned.

I must admit that I was really tempted to follow their advice. After all, it is in my cultural DNA to not take risks. I am not wired to be able to deal with failure. So why venture into the unknown?

But… for strange reasons… I didn’t follow their advice – I don’t know exactly when it was that I decided that I shouldn’t, I don’t know what exactly was the trigger, but I now find myself on a crazy journey of doing something that I know very little about. Somehow… I just… started down the path and now the momentum is carrying me on.

Am I scared? Hell yeah. Shit scared. I wake up every morning thinking I am crazy, worrying that I would be putting in all that time, effort and money for nothing. I would feel tempted to call it quits, to cut losses.


I am still hanging in here. I am still going on. Will I succeed? Honestly, I don’t know. The odds are not in my favour. Really. But… well… this describes the situation best (thanks, Awkward Yeti!):


I am having one hell of a ride so far. I have learnt so much already. And I am convinced that, come what may, I know it will be worth it.

So to all of you who are thinking of doing something crazy. So long as you think it’s meaningful and somehow creates some value not only to yourself, but also to people around you, go ahead, do it. Even if the odds aren’t in your favour. Even if well-intentioned friends advise against it. Better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all. And… if you succeed despite the seemingly overwhelming odds, imagine how sweet the victory will be!


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