Why did SGH file a police report?

It was reported that SGH had filed a police report. SGH said in a statement that they filed the police report “so that the police may ascertain if there was any foul play”. So it seems that SGH suspect that the whole Hep C outbreak debacle could be due to some one intentionally trying to cause harm rather than a result of any fault of SGH.

What fantastic materials for a great book/movie! Imagine (and I am saying imagine only, not saying that this is in any way true!) if what happened was the following:

The police, after an intense investigation, found that the SGH Hepatitis C outbreak was a result of sabotage. Someone had broken into the place where SGH stores their  multi-dose vials and tainted them with the Hep C virus. The police, after a dramatic manhunt, arrests the guy. After some tough interrogation, it turns out that that person was linked to an opposition party. His motivation of sabotaging the vials was to create a crisis for the government so that the opposition will win more seats in the GE.

Now wouldn’t that make a great story? And I am sure that everyone in SGH and MOH is hoping against hope that that would be the case. Then everyone in SGH and MOH breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that the Hep C outbreak was not a result of them screwing up epically.

But… I strongly suspect that the reality would be more prosaic… and SGH and MOH would have much more to answer for and improve on. Whatever the case is, this is certainly something that I will closely follow.

[Featured Image: from SGH’s Wikipedia page]


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