Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh in JB

So S and I went to JB the last weekend. We took the S1 bus from JB Sentral to KSL Mall. And headed straight for the Bak Kut Teh opposite to the mall. Once you exit KSL mall from the side where the Hong Kong cafe is, you will see it. The crowd waiting for a table is clearly visible.


Even though there was a sizeably long queue waiting for a table, it didn’t take us long to get a table. So how it works is like this. You place your order at where they have heat up the claypot with the soup before being assigned a table.


You get to add things to your bak kut teh. You can choose from button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, dried beancurd skin, kidney, liver, stomach (YUMS!), meatball, lean pork slices, and many many more.

So we got the bak kut teh with quite a lot of things added in. And we also order the pigs trotters and the salted vegetables.


The pigs trotters was first to arrive. The gravy for the pigs trotters had a slight herbal taste. The saltiness was balanced by a slight sweetness. The pork trotter was the right level of fatty. The skin of the pork trotter was still slightly firm and chewy. The meat was tender and juicy and completely infused with the flavour of the gravy. Absolutely divine.

The salted vegetables was more sweet than it was salty. So we didn’t quite like it (hence no photos… hehe).

Then came the main draw. The bak kut teh!


The bak kut teh isn’t the peppery sort that is more prevalent in Singapore. It is slightly herbal tasting. But fear not. The herbal taste isn’t too strong. The soup is definitely not bitter. It was actually quite light and refreshing. As for the meat… You know how overcooking the pork ribs can make the meat dry and powdery? Well, there’s no such problems here. The meat was still quite juicy and well infused with the flavours of the soup. And with all the other ingredients that we added, the whole pot made for an extremely fulfilling lunch.

All in, with the pork trotters, bak kut teh with all the added ingredients, salted vegetables, two bowls of rice, a cup of cold chrysanthemum tea (highly recommended), and a can of  100Plus came up to about RM75. At the current exchange rate, that comes up to about SGD25. For a meal that was very filling, I think that is quite affordable!

So. What other food place is worth trying in JB near the malls that are easily accessible from the checkpoints? Please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh in JB

  1. It is very affordable because you earn in SGD, if you were to earn the same salary but in RM$, would you still consider the same or most probably, treat it as a treat.


    • I agree with your views. Of course when I said affordable, I had meant that it was affordable to me, based on my frame of reference (and that of most of the people who read my blog, i.e. Singaporeans). I thought that was pretty obvious…


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