Singapore has a national bird?!

So apparently, according to the Singapore Bird Group, the crimson sunbird is the national bird of Singapore.


Crimson Sunbird. This was the photo used for the voting of the National Bird in 2002.

This was announced at the 6th Asian Bird Fair by Dr. Shawn Lum, President of the Nature Society (Singapore). This ended a 13 years long wait. Why 13 years? Because “on 25th May 2002, the public was invited to vote for the National Bird of Singapore at the Nature Society (Singapore) 1st Nature Day at Parco Bugis Junction. Out of a total of 1,038 persons who voted at the 3 days event, the Crimson Sunbird came up tops with 400 votes ( 38%).”

But… apparently this is not official yet. The process to make it official is still ongoing. This announcement by Dr Shawn Lum merely “reflects the wishes of people who came forward with these selections”. In order to make the sunbird really officially Singapore’s national bird, Nature Society had to contact three government agencies.

Wait… what? It takes three government agencies to decide on the official bird of Singapore? How’s that for bureaucracy!

But since it’s not official yet. Let’s see what other fun options we have for Singapore’s national bird.

There is of course every Hokkien Peng’s favourite.


Mountain Bluebird. Image from Wikipedia

The bluebird. You know. Blue – Lan. And Bird… Jiao… So… I’m sure if the Hokkien Pengs would support this bird as the official national bird of Singapore. And the thing is, that phrase is so… well known amongst all the races of Singapore. So long as you have done your NS, you will definitely know what it means. So the bluebird can be a constant reminder of the ties that bind different races together. But then again… the fairer gender and those with more… delicate of sensitivities may object to it.

How about the crane then?

Crane in flight (source)

Crane in flight (source)

No. Not this crane. But this:


Cranes at MBS construction site (source)

While the construction sector has slowed with the property cooling measures, there are still a good number of construction sites around. And where there are construction sites, there will be cranes. It is no wonder that some people joke that cranes should be the national bird of Singapore.

In any case, with three government agencies involved, I am sure we have loads of time before any official decision is made about which bird will be Singapore’s national bird. I am sure we will have a lot of time to suggest other birds.  So. What other birds do you think could be the national bird of Singapore?


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