Huang Kee Wanton Mee at 266 Compassvale Bow

I must admit that I like bak chor mee more than I like wanton mee. That said, I still get excited when I find an exceptionally good wanton mee. And to think I can find it in a rather non-descript place like Compassvale Bow. Where’s that? It’s somewhere in Sengkang area. Not one of the places that you would associate with great food. But the coffeeshop is usually very packed. And usually there is a queue at the wanton mee.


You know that this wanton mee is different by just looking at the way it is prepared.


They drizzle a bit of oil on the noodles fresh after they cook it. It gives the noodles a smoother texture.


They then add some soup onto a spoon before laying the noodles onto the spoon. This keeps the noodles moist without making it soggy. A really thoughtful touch!


They then lather on a thick, flavourful sauce onto the noodle. You add the chilli yourself. So you can decide how spicy you want it to be. And see how much vegetables they give!


The sauce, the chilli and the bit of soup mixed together gives the noodle a very complex taste. A great balance of sweet, salty and spicy. The noodles are slightly al dente. The char siew is tender and slightly fatty.

The fried wanton is fried to perfection. The skin gives a satisfying crunch when you bite into it. It tastes a bit saltier than the one in the soup. The meat in both the fried wanton and the wanton in the soup is somehow still juicy. The meat isn’t minced too finely so there is still a nice chewy texture to the wanton.

The soup has a great meaty flavour. It rounds up a very satisfying meal. We invariably slurp up every single drop of the soup at the end!

I have driven to 266 Compassvale Bow numerous times for this wanton mee. If you love wanton mee, I strongly recommend this place.

If you know of any great wanton mee places, do let me know too!


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