Daniel Goh volunteered to be a NSman for 10 more years!

Dr Daniel Goh, the chairman of the Workers’ Party (WP) Media committee, was promoted to ME4 in a recent ceremony. The rank is equivalent to that of a second lieutenant, full lieutenant of captain. Prior to the promotion, he was a specialist.

From Daniel Goh's Facebook page

From Daniel Goh’s Facebook page

Dr Daniel Goh, who is also an associate professor with the NUS department of sociology, didn’t expect to be promoted to a rank that is equivalent to that of a commissioned officer. In fact, he shouldn’t even be still serving as a NSman. Two years ago, when he turned 40, he volunteered to serve an additional 10 years.

Screen capture from Dr Daniel Goh's Facebook page

Screen capture from Dr Daniel Goh’s Facebook page

Many Singaporeans see being a NSman as a liability. Most would be more than happy to get it over and done with and never have to be back in green. But Dr Daniel Goh actually volunteered to serve for another 10 years! Whatever possessed him?! Maybe, just maybe, it’s because he loves his land. And he wants it to be free. To be free.

This is even though he is a prominent member of the main opposition party in Singapore. So who says that opposition party members are definitely out to ruin our country? Who says that opposition party members don’t love Singapore as much as PAP members? At least WP can say that all of its male MPs have served NS. Which is more than can be said of PAP.

Another very heartening point that must be highlighted about this story is that SAF sees it fit to promote a WP member. This goes some way to dispel the myth that your political affiliation puts you at a disadvantage in appointments in government related positions. It seems that SAF does recognise that it is possible for a Singaporean to be in an opposition party and still want to serve Singapore.

I hope that more Singaporeans will realise that too. We may not always agree. We may support different political views. We may be aligned to different political parties. But it is still possible that we all work together, in our own ways, for our nation, our home. Rather than let our differences divide us irreconcilably, I hope we can realise that most of us are motivated by wanting the best for Singapore and thus be united. So that Singapore can continue to prosper and thrive.


One thought on “Daniel Goh volunteered to be a NSman for 10 more years!

  1. Learning of Mr Goh’s commitment to and love of country is indeed most heartening in these times as our evolving society continues to grapple with frequently divisive ideologies and issues. It bodes well for us as a nation if we all come to realize that in the midst of diverse opinions and values we can still be on common ground as we seek out the oft elusive balance so essential in our social and political lives.

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