Top 1 Hand Made Noodles

Once in a while, I pretend to exercise. One of the exercises I pretend to do is to hike around Bukit Timah hill. But really, that is just an excuse for me to go to that area for an absolutely delicious bowl of noodles from Top 1 Hand Made Noodles.


While it serves something that looks like your usual ban mian stalls, it actually tastes quite different. And unlike most ban mian, this doesn’t have eggs in it. And they add mushrooms. There are different options you can choose from. Choices include just having the meat balls, or with fish slices, or even with abalone. S and I usually go for the one with the fish slices. For the soup base, you can choose the normal soup, or the ma la (麻辣) or the tom yam. Or you can have the dry version. S would go for the ma la and I usually go for the normal soup base. And you can choose from an array of different types of noodles, including the maggi mee type of noodles.

This is what I had:


Normal soup base with fish slices and maggi mee type of noodles

The soup tastes different from other ban mian types of soup. It’s not as salty and is slightly sweeter. But not too sweet. Very good balance and just as flavourful. And as you can see, they are quite generous with the ingredients. Nice smooth and thick fish slices. Lots of vegetables.

This is they spicy soup base that S had:


Spicy soup base with fish slices and you mian type noodle

S loves the chilli paste that they put into the soup to make the spicy soup base. It is quite garlicky. Just the way we like it. The heat goes all the way to the back of the throat. If you are the sort who loves things spicy, you can ask for extra chilli. But don’t ask for too much. Unless you want sausage lips. If you like the chilli paste as much as S, you can also buy the chilli paste from the stall. I think it’s $4 for a small bottle that packs a huge punch.

Top 1 Hand Made Noodles can be found at the hawker centre at  Beauty World Shopping Centre.


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