Why you should be a toad and not a frog

Generally frogs look better than toads. Frogs can be quite beautifully coloured. Toads on the other hand, are usually ugly muddy brown. And with all those warts, they are quite ugly.

The two amphibians are also the subject of a couple of Chinese sayings.

The frog sits in a well (井底蛙). Used to refer to people who have narrow world views and are close minded. Generally people described as frogs in a well are adverse to change. Frogs in wells are therefore great examples of stagnation. Very negative.

The toad desires for swan meat (癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉). Generally used to refer to ugly people who hope to be with good looking people. The toad, even though earth-bound and ugly, has the audacity to dream to be with the beautiful swan who can soar in the sky. Impossible as the dream may be, it shows a daringness to dream big. And with the audacity of such hope, the toad at least has a chance to succeed. Toads who desire for swan meat are therefore great examples of ambition that can lead to progress. Very positive.

So even though the frog may look better the the toad, the toad demonstrates positivity that can lead to it progressing, while the frog exhibits negativity that will only lead to it stagnating. So. It’s not about how you look on the outside that matters. If you want to progress in life, be the dull-looking warty toad, not the vibrantly coloured frog.

[Featured image: Wikipedia.org]



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