Muslims can do wonderfully compassionate things too

After the recent attacks on Paris, there has been renewed prejudice against Muslims worldwide. Islam is once again mistakenly understood to be a religion of violence. But it isn’t. Many of those violent verses are often quoted out of context. And the actions of the vast majority of Muslims shows time and time again that Islam is a religion of peace, of mercy, of compassion.

Most recently, as rains and floods ravage Chennai, mosques in Chennai opened their doors to provide shelter for poor flood victims, regardless of their religion. It has been reported that “the verandas of these mosques bear a scene, which is first of its kind in Chennai – and perhaps whole country – where people from various localities, irrespective of their faiths or castes are hurdling together in this time of grief.”

And because the Muslims have given up to their mosques to shelter the poor flood victims, they had to have their Friday prayers on the road.

Muslims in Chennai having Friday prayers on the road. Source:

I have a number of Muslim friends. They are amongst the most compassionate people I know. I think it is best to judge Islam by the actions of these Muslims, who far outnumber the members of ISIS. This quote comes to mind:

Quote by Cory Booker.

Quote by Cory Booker.

I am touched by the compassion that the Muslims have shown to those who are suffering. More needs to know about their compassion as a counter-narrative to the bigotry that is floating around.


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