Singapore is doomed

That’s it folks. Singapore is doomed. Evil has prevailed! The foundations of the values of family-centric Singaporeans have been shaken to the core! Western liberal ideas about family values and societal needs have taken hold! Our sensibilities has not prevailed and we have lost all ability to discern the influences on our society! Everyone in Singapore has now turned gay after watching Adam Lambert perform in the Celebrate 2016 countdown show that was broadcasted live over TV in Singapore.

Of course, none of that happened. Adam Lambert looked like he wore a sack. Notwithstanding that, his performance seemed like a high-energy, enjoyable performance. His performance was far from provocative. At most, we may see more Singaporeans walking around wearing sacks and slippers. Which may lead to an increase in cases of heat stroke.

I wonder what the people who started the petition against Adam Lambert performing at Celebrate 2016 have to say. They probably think that they were the ones who saved Singapore from the evil influences of Western liberal ideas. They probably believe that it was their petition that prevented Adam Lambert from putting on a provocative performance. They therefore probably feel justified in launching their petition. If not for them, Singaporeans would have had to endure Adam Lambert’s morally objectionable performance!

If that’s what they think, believe and feel, then I’d like to say: Do you not trust that Mediacorp, the organisers of the event, loyal servants of the Singapore Government, to not know where the OB markers are? Do you think Mediacorp will dare to risk the wrath of the powers that be to have a public performance at such a high profile event that is provocative in any way? Do you not trust that the kiasi (scared to die) personnel at Mediacorp will do everything and anything to ensure that all the performances at the event don’t hurt the delicate sensibilities of Singaporeans? Oh ye of little faith!

If the old man was still alive, he would have probably hauled up all those who started and signed the petition and gave them a good walloping. How dare anyone doubt his loyal servants? Just shut up and trust that the government will do what’s right! Just leave every thing to the government! Don’t meddle! Who do you think you are to dare to tell the government and its loyal servants what to do? You mean you think that the government officials and their loyal servants haven’t thought through about everything that you have thought through (and more)? Who do you think you are to know any better than the government officials?

I’m sure even before the petition, there would have been multiple steps put in place to ensure that Adam Lambert’s performance would have been nothing but entertaining that was family-friendly. In other words, the petition was superfluous. Or as some of us here will put it, take off pants to fart.

So. Don’t worry. Singapore won’t be doomed just because Adam Lambert performed. We will still chug along fine. But I think it would be even better if we had more opposition MPs.

[Featured image: Adam Lambert at Celebrate 2016. Image from]


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