Singapore should stop sending troops to train in Taiwan

There is this trend of Singaporeans objecting to things because they are somehow aligned to giving the LGBTQ more freedom to love or perceived to be sacrilegious, morally depraved and corrupting. This trend would include things like the stupid petition to stop Adam Lambert from performing in Singapore. It also includes (thankfully) obscure calls to have PM step in to stop Madonna from performing in Singapore. If this trend continues, then we may see calls for Singapore to stop sending troops to train in Taiwan. Why?

Because Taiwan just elected a president who is pro-LGBTQ rights. In a video posted in 2015, Tsai Ing-Wen, who was then still campaigning to make history and become Taiwan’s first female president, expresses her support for LGBTQ’s right to freedom to love and marriage equality.

In the caption of the video, she even posts information about the Gay Pride Parade that happened in 2015.

And Taiwanese decided to choose someone like that as their leader. Surely that must mean they are a people that supports the LGBTQ movement. Can you imagine if our young Singaporean boys – already forced to spend so much time with only other boys for company, training together, having meals together, showering together, sleeping together- come into contact with the Taiwanese? What corrupting influences would the Taiwanese people have on our young boys?

No. For the immortal soul of our young boys, already sacrificing so much doing their National Service, we must keep them away from the corrupting influences of the Taiwanese society. If not, they may leave to Taiwan for their army training, only to come back gay. Or supporting the LGBTQ movement. That would spell the end of Singapore as we know it.

So. For the sake of our nation’s morality. We need to stop sending our troops to train in Taiwan. Now would someone go start a petition for that, please?

Hur Hur Hur…



3 thoughts on “Singapore should stop sending troops to train in Taiwan

  1. There is this curious phenomenon of Singaporeans getting upset with other countries and even offering advice because they feel we come from a “First” world country. Yesterday, in another blog, a few people were discussing this election result and some were also commenting on the “problems” with the Chinese and Indian governments; they felt both governments were not upto their “standards”. I just reminded them that both countries had populations exceeding a billion and the last thing we should do is advise them how to run their countries! Wonder why they don’t just move the local government and dispense their wisdom so that we can all have a reformed system of government and democracy.

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