Apparently some people still think that that would/should strike the fear of God into the hearts of Singaporeans. That and “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE MESSING WITH! YOU ARE PLAYING WITH YOUR ARSE!” apparently was supposed to make someone feel threatened enough to stop taking photographs of a car that was deliberately parked in motorcycle lots.

Here’s what happened:

In case it doesn’t load, or it’s too long, here’s the long story short. Douchebag parked his BMW in motorcycle lots. A Carrine Yeo saw it, asked douchebag if he knew he parked in the motorcycle lots. Douchebag retorted rudely and walked off. Carrine Yeo took photo of douchebag’s BMW. Douchebag came back and threatened Carrine Yeo with the above two rather interesting threats. Carrine Yeo reported to LTA via onemotoring.com.sg.

It’s not known at this stage whether douchebag BMW driver is really a civil servant. If he isn’t, and he really threatened Carrine Yeo with that stupid “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M A CIVIL SERVANT YOU KNOW!” statement, then he ought to be punished for impersonating a civil servant. Yes. Impersonating a civil servant is an offence. He should have the full weight of the law thrown against him. And very publicly so. Because his actions called into suspicion the integrity and values of civil servants. An example must be made out of him. You do not go around claiming to be civil servants to threaten people. You cannot tarnish the good name of the civil service and expect to get away with it.

If however, douchebag BMW driver IS really a civil servant, then he would have brought massive disrepute to the civil service. He would have tarnished the good name of the civil service. And if he can afford to drive a BMW, it would mean he’s quite a senior civil servant. All the more he should be more severely dealt with. How severely? At least, he ought to be fired. With immediate effect. No matter how high his position.

And I’m sure there are some law against civil servants abusing their powers. If there are, again, this douchebag should face the full might of the law. Again, an example must be made out of him – civil servants, you are servants of the people. You do not throw your weight around. The fact that you are civil servants, especially if you hold senior positions, mean that all the more you need to behave better and be more humble.

I hope that some news agency, mainstream media or new media, follow up on this story. Find out whether douchebag BMW driver is really a civil servant. I hope that our law enforcers and the Public Prosecutor won’t just treat this as a parking offence. Regardless of whether he is a civil servant, I hope that we will see this douchebag BMW driver punished for using “I’M A CIVIL SERVANT YOU KNOW!” as a threat. Singaporeans deserve nothing less.

[Featured image: from Carrine Yeo’s Facebook post]



  1. If he does happen to actually be a civil servant, then Douchebag is indeed a disgrace to all true civil servants who still serve or ever did in the past..!!

    I agree. Let’s track down this disgusting, self-entitled bully and teach him a lesson he never forgets .. that a BMW is not empowerment to demand what is certainly not his in the first place.

    My father was in the Civil Service for most of his adult life and was truly proud of it …. methinks he must now be turning in his grave and furious at the likes of Douchebag.

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