Best romantic movie so far this year

Read on if you don’t mind a few spoilers to the best romantic movie so far this year.

It’s the typical melodramatic love story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They make lots of it. Boy gets cancer. Boy goes to extreme means to get cured. Girl gets into trouble. Boy goes through extreme lengths to save girl. Boy saves girl. They live happily ever after. Sounds insipid? Sounds like it’ll be a flop at the box office? You’d be wrong completely.

Because the movie I’m talking about is Deadpool. It’s like top quality crude oil. Crude as f**k and slick as hell. Various estimates suggest that Deadpool will be a box office hit, raking in upwards of $100million in a span of four days of opening.

If you have been watching a lot of those superhero movies, then you would find yourself rolling in laughter at many parts of the movie. It pokes fun at a great many things from the genre.

The titular character, Deadpool, speaks to the audience, like literally – he irreverently demolishes the fourth wall regularly. How can you not develop a deep connection with such a character? How can you not feel for him?

Ok. Seriously, Deadpool isn’t one of those great movies that would redefine cinema. It’s probably not going to win any Oscars. Its plot is shallow and predictable. But it makes it up with great action sequences, gratuitous violence, and hilarious jokes. And if you are someone who enjoys looking at hot bodies. Well… you are in for a feast for your eyes. There were so many scenes of Ryan Reynolds naked body.

In short. If you are looking for a profound, inspirational, thought provoking movie, don’t watch Deadpool. If you are squeamish about blood and gore, don’t watch it. If you are offended by nudity and vulgarity, don’t watch it. But if you aren’t averse to blood, gore, violence, nudity, and vulgarity, if you are looking for something that is irreverent, fun, funny, and highly entertaining, then Deadpool is a great movie to watch.

Four stars!


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