Curious case of missing segment on The Ellen Show

You can watch The Ellen Show on Singapore TV. Channel 5. I don’t get the segments when Ellen interviews most of those Hollywood stars or singers. But that’s just me. I don’t follow entertainment news normally and don’t know the names of most of those stars… But all in all, it’s a fairly entertaining show, with segments that are really funny, and segments which are quite inspirational. And I love the way she always ends off saying “Be kind to one another.” I think that’s a very important message. We can always do with more kindness in the world.

Once in a while, Ellen has guests who aren’t from Hollywood or from the entertainment industry. She’s had Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama on her show before. And not too long ago, she got President Barrack Obama on her show. But Singapore decided not to show this particular segment:

Apparently, Mr Lee Hung Sheng, assistant vice-president of programming for Mediacorp Channel 5, confirmed that the American leader’s speech was cut (like duh…), saying that “In compliance with Singapore’s Free-To-Air TV programme guidelines, the brief segment on Mr Obama’s firm endorsement and support of gay rights issues was edited out for our broadcast on Channel 5. The removal of the segment did not pose any continuity issues with our televised programme.”

Why did Mr Lee feel that he had to add that part about the last part about the removal of the segment not posing any continuity issues? As if that’s what people are concerned with…

Apparently MediaCorp did that because clause 3.2 of the said Free-To-Air TV Programme Code states that “all programmes broadcast between 6am and 10pm must be suitable for family audiences”. Which is very strange. I am sure that the State of the Union addresses of the last few years by President Obama had been broadcasted “live” on Singapore’s national TV in their entirety. Unedited. Uncensored. And I think that those broadcasts in Singapore occurred between 6am and 10pm. And since 2010, President Obama has advocated for LGBT rights during his State of the Union addresses.

Did Singapore society unravel because MediaCorp broadcasted President Obama’s remarks advocating for LGBT rights during those State of the Union addresses? Clearly not. Then what made us think that Singaporean society would be any worse off if we didn’t censor President Obama’s remarks on The Ellen Show?

And come on. In this day and age, you think by censoring it on free-to-air TV means youths, teens, and even kids won’t get to see it? Hur hur hur… Anyone in MediaCorp or MDA or the Singapore who believes that… is being terribly naive.



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