The Real Singapore stole jobs from the real Singaporeans!

I wrote about how the popularity of The Real Singapore (TRS) indicated a worrying aspect of the real Singaporeans. That was before I read Bertha Henson’s brilliant piece in The Middle Ground, which says something similar, but in a far more incisive manner. She said: “A consumer boycott would do more to destroy a product or service than any legislation or regulation. No eyeballs, no advertising. The pity is that the law has to police our reading habits – because we can’t do it ourselves.”

Indeed, it seems that TRS had successfully conditioned Singaporeans that the moment we see them post an article, we can’t help but give in to the Pavlovian conditioning and click on the article. We just had to. TRS had cultivated in us this irrepressible hunger for salacious, scurrilous, scandalous, xenophobic “news”.

So irrepressible was this hunger that we would abandon reason. So irrepressible was this hunger that we didn’t give a f**k about journalistic standards.

And because this hunger was so great, TRS managed to profit greatly from it. The people behind it made oodles of money by bashing non-Singaporeans. The people behind it enriched themselves by setting on a path to “to instil fear in companies and make them think twice before hiring foreigners without really considering our Singaporean workforce. We want to create this mindset by continuing to expose more and more companies that have discriminatory practices towards Singaporeans.”

And we lapped it up. We slurped it up. Oh yes we did! We loved it! Finally! Someone speaking up against those evil foreigners stealing OUR jobs and taking away OUR money!

But guess what? The ultimate joke’s on us.

Because TRS was run by a foreigner.

If we were to believe what Yang Kaiheng said, his wife, Ai Takagi, a NON-SINGAPOREAN, was the sole mastermind behind the whole cesspool that is TRS.

And since they operated out of Australia, and had their servers hosted everywhere but Singapore, it is likely that all the people they got to do IT related work on TRS weren’t Singaporeans.

In other words, TRS did exactly what they were “fighting” against. They took away jobs from Singaporeans to give to non-Singaporeans.

And we not only didn’t punish them for that, we helped them to profit handsomely for doing that.

What irony.

[Featured image: from The New Paper]


3 thoughts on “The Real Singapore stole jobs from the real Singaporeans!

  1. Certainly doubt that most of the ‘dedicated’ TRS followers & ‘contributors’ will understand (..and if they do understand..) or agree with Bertha Henson or you.

    And I very strongly suspect, TRS is not alone in adopting this lucrative strategy …..

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  2. I feel really upset that even after the TRS episode, our fellow Singaporeans still haven’t learnt their lesson. Have you seen how they have now flocked to ASS, Talk Cock Singapore? Given that ASS is at about the same Alexa ranking as TRS in the past, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s also enjoying very high page views… and presumably, ad money too.

    Wish wish wish people would stop reading rubbish.


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