PAP – swift and decisive… Really?

PAP took “decisive action” on former MP David Ong. That’s according to Minister in the Prime Minister’s office, Mr Chan Chun Sing. I don’t get it. In what ways did PAP took decisive actions? I thought David Ong resigned? It’s not like PAP found out about the affair and fired David Ong.

Besides, the affair had been apparently been going on for six months. In all that time, did no one at PAP’s Bukit Batok branch suspect that anything was amiss? None of the other senior PAP members noticed it? No one thought to escalate that issue upwards to PAP HQ? If they did, did anyone in PAP HQ call David Ong in for a little chit chat? If not, then what “decisive actions” were taken?

Unless the “decisive actions” meant that PM Lee was very decisive in accepting the resignation. Liddat also mean decisive ah? Then the bar for decisive action is set very low indeed.

I tell you what swift and decisive actions look like. SDP’s announcement that it will contest the seat. That announcement came on the same day David Ong announced that he was resigning as MP. And the very next day, SDP was already walking around in Bukit Batok. Talk about swift and decisive!


Not to be left in the dust, are other jokers possible candidates.

Independent candidate Samir Salim Neji who contested in Bukit Batok in GE2015 has also thrown his hat into the ring. But he only said it’s “very likely” that he would contest. Whether he really runs depends on what the other political parties decide to do. So swift. But not really decisive.

Smiling Mr Samir. Is this going to be the new MP for Bukit Batok?

Smiling Mr Samir. Is this going to be the new MP for Bukit Batok? Image from CNA

Then there’s Benjamin Pwee of the Democratic Progressive Party. In both GE2011 and GE2015, Benjamin Pwee contested in Bishan-Toa Payoh. He had done absolutely nothing political in Bukit Batok. But out of nowhere, he felt that it’s a good idea for him to run for Bukit Batok.

Gee… I wonder why? Maybe he’s thinking: “Hey! SMC! Don’t need to get a team of people! And by-election. Voters won’t be scared of “freak” election results that sees PAP not forming the government. So maybe more of them will vote for opposition. Or more specifically… ME! Then I can be MP, get cushy MP allowance! Lai liao la! Onz! Woots!”

I don’t know whether that’s what Benjamin Pwee is really thinking. But I seriously can’t think of a good reason why he would want to contest in Bukit Batok. Oh… maybe he’s a pawn sent by PAP to dilute opposition vote share away from SDP to ensure a PAP victory?

I don’t know. Would love to hear what reasons Benjamin Pwee give for contesting in Bukit Batok.

Or maybe Benjamin Pwee will be the next MP of Bukit Batok? (Image from CNA)

Or maybe Benjamin Pwee will be the next MP of Bukit Batok? (Image from CNA)

Whatever the case is, I think PAP will win a resounding victory in Bukit Batok, David Ong’s “personal indiscretion” notwithstanding. How to swing 23% of votes you tell me? But… well… democracy. So… must wayang go through motion have by-election.

What do you think? How do you think the by-election will turn out?


6 thoughts on “PAP – swift and decisive… Really?

  1. How do I think the by-election will turn out?

    As it should be … with a resounding victory to the PAP … unless the Bukit Batok electorate are in fact fickle and easily swayed by events/issues not key to their principal reasons for voting PAP in GE2015 in the first place.

    ..and why am I so certain …?

    Because even that shapeshifter, Dr Chee Soon Juan, has displayed uncharacteristic caution up till now, and NOT announced his intention to PERSONALLY contest. I think it very likely this reformed CSJ will “entrust” this uphill battle to a “deserving” compatriot (..after all, why fall on the sword when it there is so little upside…).

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  2. …. come on, “..wayang..” you suggest ..???

    Now which way do you REALLY want it? By-elections as must legitimately be called; or perhaps, the PAP just nominating someone to fill the vacated seat..?

    I’m suggesting that it is not honorable to cast aspersions when it is not called for … but as usual, for what it is worth, it’s only my opinion.

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  3. Agree that in order for opposition to win, there must be a swing of 23%. Very unlikely. The other point, did David Ong resign ? Or he was made to resign ? We won’t know. The correspondence released by PM Lee shows the chain of events; looks like the MP resigned. Now, we have a Minister claiming the PAP took decisive action. How ? By forcing him to resign on moral grounds ? Why wasn’t this decisiveness present when Mas Selamat escaped. The Home Minister then should have resigned; accepting personal responsibility. He didn’t; he stayed on and enjoyed the perks till Parliament was dissolved. Subsequently, he contested and stayed on as an MP. Double standards ?

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    • Wow! I’m beginning to feel like Christmas is here again, so soon. or perhaps I’m getting more agreeable in my later years ..!!

      Good point. If I recall, the then Home Minister actually was brazen enough to announce that officers responsible were being/to be disciplined/punished .. as if it absolved him of responsibility.

      And it seems, it did..

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