Redefining Happiness

I recently saw this clip. I found it very thought provoking.

“John, I think you misunderstood the assignment”

“Miss, I think you misunderstood life”

How many of us have been going around completely misunderstanding life? How many of us have been spending our time making a living, but not actually living? How many of us struggle to be successful only to find that we aren’t happy when we actually succeed?

I love that quote by Jim Carrey (didn’t realised that Jim Carrey could be so profound): “Everyone should become rich and famous and do everything they dreamed of just to see that it’s not the answer.” How many of us have this bucket list of things to do, but no idea why we feel compelled to do those things?

Happiness. Is not something out there to be pursued. It’s a state that is within us that we need to learn to return to. A calm, tranquil search. Starting with one breath.

What a timely reminder.


3 thoughts on “Redefining Happiness

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. We can all identify with the positive vibes here; but we give excuses and prevent happiness becoming a natural part of our lives. At some point, we must determine – how much do we need before we can say honesty – I have enough to be happy. The reality is that this goal post keeps shifting ! We need to find that balance and do things that matter to us.

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