If you felt high for no reason… it could be because…

Of the haze from Indonesia. Why? Because this time round, it seems that the Indonesian’s aren’t just burning forests on peat land. They are also burning weed. No… not this kind of weed:


But this sort of weed (also known as marijuana):

weed marijuana

It turns out that the police of a sub-district of West Jakarta destroyed a huge stash of marijuana by burning it. How huge? 3.3-ton huge.

Indonesian police destroying huge stash of marijuana

Indonesian police destroying huge stash of marijuana. Image from Dailymail.co.uk

Apparently, the police were protected from the smoke from the huge burning pile of marijuana because they wore masks. But it seems that they forgot that residents living nearby didn’t have masks and that smoke diffuses and spreads (how could they?! Didn’t Singapore and Malaysia remind them annually?!). As a result, nearby residents inhaled the smoke and suffered dizziness and headaches.

Would any of them get addicted to marijuana as a result? Would that addiction fuel the market for marijuana? Who knows.

So if you felt high for no reason anytime this month, or if your productivity dropped because of headache, dizziness, or whatever, you could blame it on the smoke from the burning 3-ton of marijuana getting to Singapore. Who knows. That may work…

Hur hur hur…


8 thoughts on “If you felt high for no reason… it could be because…

  1. Most Singaporeans will be shocked to learn that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol. Here is a post by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent –


    Currently, possession of 15g of marijuana is a drug trafficking offense subjected to canning and imprisonment, and 500g is enough for a MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE! If you still believe in the draconian drug law after reading Dr Gupta’s post, you need to have your brain checked.

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