It seems that ST really sucked at sucking up…

People say that Singapore’s mainstream media are slaves to the government. And that the government is controlled by the Lee Dynasty. Well. Whoever said that are clearly wrong.

You want evidence? Here it is:

So the opinions of one of the members of the FamiLEE was not published in Straits Times. She, who has written numerous pieces for Straits Times, has been muzzled. This was when she wrote about how she thought her father would have cringed at the state directed sycophantic hero-worshipping. Her original post is here:

ST was a major force in the sycophantic hero-worshipping. It had 11 pages about Lee Kuan Yew on the anniversary of his death

LKY 11 pages

Some have opined that if the SMRT incident and the Brussels attacks hadn’t happen, the front page of ST that day would have been filled with “news” of people grovelling in worship commemorating Lee Kuan Yew’s passing.

So. We have now established that ST doesn’t just bend over backwards for the FamiLEE. We have also established that ST isn’t the most balanced, unbiased source of news. It would refuse to publish a well-written article simply because it’s contrary to the “established” stance. Not that we are surprised.

But when you go all out to suck up, it’s possible that you suck too hard. And that might hurt the person (or his proxy in this case, cos that person is dead…) you are trying to suck up to. Then that just shows how badly you suck at sucking up. Not that that’s surprising.

So now we know that NO ONE IN SINGAPORE is safe from being censored by the main stream media. Thank goodness, then, for the Internet and social media. Because then anyone can post anything, even if it’s against the “established” position, and make it public for all to read. Which is what Lee Wei Ling is doing.

Yay for Dr Lee!


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