PAP back to their same old pork barrel tactics again…

The Bukit Batok By-Election date is confirmed to be on 7 May. The contest will heat up significantly soon. SDP has already announced a slew of social programs that they would implement if they were to get elected. Almost in response, PAP’s Murali then announced plans to build a multi-generational park and some covered linkways.

But, as highlighted in this article, the way Murali talked about PAP’s plans for Bukit Batok sounded a lot like the carrot and sticks type of pork barrel politics PAP has been known for. And, as the article said, it doesn’t even make sense!

“The money set aside to build the park and the linkways are currently from Jurong Town Council. But that money comes from the residents’ service and conservancy charges and taxpayers. If SDP wins, Jurong Town Council will have to hand over the accounts and funds to the newly formed town council that SDP will form. Just like how WP had to hand over the Punggol East’s accounts to PAP’s Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council after GE2015.

Unless PAP’s Jurong Town Council refuses to handover the accounts and funds, the newly formed town council will have the necessary funds to build the park and linkways if they wanted to. Of course, the newly SDP’s newly formed town council may decide not to build a park.”

Come on la… money comes from the people leh… not from the PAP leh… Stop using it as a carrot to dangle in front of voters la. Voters of Bukit Batok aren’t donkeys you know… Stupid.

And for a moment, I had hoped that this would be a contest of ideas. Who has better ideas that would go further to help the residents of Bukit Batok? But ideas are cheap. Implementation is key. So I had also hoped that this would be a good clean fight to convince Bukit Batok residents who, SDP or PAP, has a better team to implement ideas (incidentally, another article had a poll asking who readers think will be better able to implement social programmes… the poll is, as the time of writing, 15 for PAP and 14 for SDP).

But hope is a fragile thing. And Murali had just proven that my hope was misplaced. If Murali continues saying these kind of things, then he really ought to lose.


11 thoughts on “PAP back to their same old pork barrel tactics again…

  1. Would add this too. The more Chee talks about national policy, the more the anti-pappers talk about politics, the more likely Murali would win. SDP really doesn’t understand Singaporean voters do not care for these when it comes to the actual vote. What they really want is a MP who can completely devote himself to writing appeals for them, visiting houses, shaking hands at coffee shops etc. Not some “parliamentarian” who can speak well in an official building.

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    • What’s the point in talking so much in Parliament? SYLVIA & co did that for 4 years…… only, no action……dr chee will have lots to talk, but can not make it one…….

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      • A lot of the opposition figureheads propagate this misconception about speaking-up = change. They disguise how speaking up has no effect at all when there is no political clout. In the case of WP, they didn’t field enough quality candidates to get a one third presence. Change? Securing the future, please.


      • This is pure hogwash! Roy, who is not even in the parliament, singlehandedly effected changes, though small, that benefited a large number of CPF members.


  2. Precisely. Voters in BB see no reason why they should be the barometer of public opinion on alternative voices in Parliament. There is no point taking about Gini Co-efficient in the heartlands; you need to appeal to the majority who lives in the flats – I read 98% reside in HDB flats. Health screening, tuition classes for their children, talks and seminars on health, how the elderly can have healthier lives, showing them the benefits of those health machines already in their parks ! – it is up to them to be as ingenious as the PAP. Use the state’s money and provide what the PAP has never done before.

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  3. On the one hand, appealing to basic interests like upgrading and amenities is part of politics. Every country has a sizeable chunk of its electorate that look to its governments to provide the most basic of interests before everything else.

    Yet the electorate also needs to mature and be more sophisticated, and realize that if you believe in growing an opposition, you cannot base your choice on just who gets you the upgrades alone, because it will always be the government.

    My personal feeling is that the electorate here by and large knows this, but the extent of which is not clear. But they know it. And therefore this election becomes a personal referendum, as some say, for Dr Chee. If he gets a reasonably good percentage he can claim that he is just as every bit viable a politician as the Workers Party for instance. But if he is thrashed again, then he cannot point to upgrading carrots alone to justify his loss. It will simply be that people no longer want him as opposition.

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