New club in Bangkok called KUKUjiao – here are some suggested marketing lines

I recently read that a new gentlemen club has opened in Bangkok. It is called CLUB KUKUjiao. With a name like that, I think it’s quite obvious that they are targeting tourists from Singapore (and possibly Malaysia).

New club in Bangkok

New club in Bangkok

What’s so special about this club? According to its website:

CLUB KUKUjiao is an exclusive gentlemen club situated in the heart of Bangkok. A mixture of lounge / bar and rooms with shower if you wants to get naughty, you will be entertain by our sexually desirable ladies in their skimpiest outfits from around the globe. Laze and relax yourself in our cozy bar, feel free to touch and smell those girls eagerly waiting for you and having them rocking you in the bar. We have private rooms with attached shower to cater to your dirtiest imaginations if you know what we mean. 
Unlike other clubs, we are here to bring you to another level of playground where you will get to touch, rub and smell those girls before making any decision and of course with no obligation. Why so you may ask…? We believe in making you happy and that the reason why we call ourselves an exclusive gentlemen club. Every few days new faces new smells new cheeky butts joining us to serve and pleasure you, drop by and see it for yourself then you will know what we mean. The only playground in Bangkok that differentiate us from the rest, we may not be the best but we play the best.”

To help it penetrate deeper into its intended market, here are some additional marketing lines I think the club owners could use:

“The clubbing scene in Bangkok is very vibrant. While the competition is very STIFF, we know that some clubs don’t live up to the hype. But we assure you CLUB KUKUjiao will. Your can rest assured that your experience at CLUB KUKUjiao will only SUCK in the right places and at the perfect timing.  We will constantly be HARD at work to give you the perfect COCK-UP night and the most mind BLOWING time of your life. We guarantee that you will be happy as a BIRD after a visit to CLUB KUKUjiao. ”

Jokes aside, it is interesting to note that the post where I first learned about this club has been shared over 400 times in less than a day that it was posted on Facebook.


From what I have gathered, it is the most shared post for this page. It seems to affirm what Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn said about social network success:

“Social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins”

It’s clear which sin this post has tapped into. And if you look at sites such as TRS, they also tap into the seven deadly sins. In those cases, they tap into wrath. The seething rage of a segment of Singaporean society directed against the government. Maybe that’s why they are so successful.

Hmm… So perhaps it is time for me to consider posting more things that tap into the seven deadly sins to increase traffic to my blog…


2 thoughts on “New club in Bangkok called KUKUjiao – here are some suggested marketing lines

  1. The question is, how come you read about this? LOL.

    Also, can we hire the copywriter who wrote that pitch?! I give him or her a 10/10 for skill.

    You too. “–penetrate deeper into its intended market–” LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

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