SDP’s press conference is proof it is egomaniacal

A friend told me that SDP sent out a media invite at 1:24am on 14 May 2016. The media invite was for a press conference that was to take place at 4pm on 14 May 2016. Wow… The press conference was to happen less than 16 hours from the time that the media invite was sent out. Why so last minute? Must be something extremely important and time-sensitive!

SDP's media invite

SDP’s media invite

I waited with bated breath. At around 5pm on 14 May 2016, I checked my Facebook feed. I expected it to be flooded with some earth shattering revelations from SDP. I was sorely disappointed. There were none. None of the major media platforms had any news about SDP’s press conference. Not even the usually pro-opposition platforms like TOC and The Independent Singapore.

Maybe the press conference revealed something so scandalous that the government orchestrated a media blackout. So I went to the SDP Facebook page. There was a video of the press conference there. I watched it. And again. Sorely disappointed.

There was nothing earth shattering. Nothing scandalous. Nothing that really affects the lives of most Singaporeans. In fact, it was about a matter that only affected Dr Chee Soon Juan – the various claims about how he ousted Mr Chiam See Tong from SDP.

For whatever reasons, SDP felt that it was of immense importance to set the record straight – that Dr Chee didn’t oust Mr Chiam from SDP. So important that they felt the need to hold a press conference on a Saturday late afternoon. So important that they felt the need to send out media invites at 1:24am on the same day of the press conference and expect the media to turn up.

Oh the media did turn up. Or at least Zaobao did. So there’s no government orchestrated media blackout. Zaobao actually covered the press conference.

Screenshot from

SDP’s hastily put together press conference. Screenshot from

I think Zaobao really give face to SDP. There was nothing newsworthy about what was said in the press conference. Or maybe it was a really slow news day at Zaobao…

Now why did SDP have to hold such a hastily put together press conference? The issue that the spoke of, was it really that important? Couldn’t they just have issued a press release? Or even if they HAD to have a press conference, must be so urgent meh? Cannot send media invite on Monday then hold the press conference on Tuesday?

And why so secret secret like that? Send a media invite with zero information about what the press conference was about, and at such short notice, then expect the media to turn up? And expect the media carry news about your press conference?? Who do you think you are? Song Joong Ki?

Maybe Dr Chee thought he was Song Joong Ki...

Maybe Dr Chee thought he was Song Joong Ki…

This whole fiasco suggests one of two things: First, maybe the SDP core team is incompetent. That’s why things cocked-up somewhere, hence resulting in things being arranged so last minute. Second, maybe the SDP core team is full of egomaniacs. And they think that they can be divas. Send out last minute media invites. Expect media people to be at their beck and call, looking out for their media invites on a Saturday morning, and turning up just on their say-so.

No. I don’t think SDP people are stupid. I think they are highly intelligent. That leaves me with the only logical conclusion. They are egomaniacs. They think that the world revolves around them. They think that whatever they say are so important that people must drop whatever else they are doing to listen to them. Even if what they are saying is something that only concerns them and is, in the grand scheme of things, extremely petty and inconsequential (Dr Chee himself admitted at the press conference that he didn’t think his past history with Mr Chiam affected the by-election outcome).

And apparently SDP is going to spend the next few days providing further clarification on this issue. Erm. You know there are far better things to do in life, right? And that this won’t get you much political mileage, right? You already lost your best chance at getting your leader into Parliament and you think your time and effort is best spent trying to clarify something that happened twenty years ago, that you admitted is inconsequential to election results today?

What a frivolous press conference, Dr Chee

For a frivolous press conference, Dr Chee

How bloody absurd.

[Update: The Independent Singapore did eventually post about SDP’s press conference at about 5pm on 15 May 2016]


3 thoughts on “SDP’s press conference is proof it is egomaniacal

  1. A lot of our opposition heads know peanuts about publicity and persuasion. And so they do nothing more than stir-shit just to stay in the limelight. Gilbert Goh and Roy Ngerng are another two. If only they give some serious thought to the amount of damage they’re doing to themselves and the opposition. They could have won a one-third presence years ago.

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  2. Unfortunately for Dr Chee, no matter much how he tried to explain the ousted of Mr Chiam from SDP, few (the older people who were around when this occurred but perhaps not the younger ones) would take his word.

    Whatever the circumstances that transpired between Chee and Chiam, the former should have just left SDP and started his own political party. Some or most of SDP members might have left SDP and joined Chee’s party but that would at least be better as Chee would not have to carry the stigma that he engineered a coup against the founder of SDP. Chiam is still widely respected by many, even those who may not be against PAP.

    And Chee remain as combative, aggressive and unapologetic (to me at least) and would use all means (social media, family, soft-sell, pick on wrong issues or twists fact a little here and there) to gain a seat in Parliament. So he remains unelectable to me.


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