SPH moving into the roti prata business!

In the face of competition from alternative media, it would seem that SPH has no choice but to think of new business media. And from what I’ve read recently, it seems that SPH is moving into the roti prata business.

No. You won’t be able to buy crispy, greasy absolutely yummy roti prata from SPH any time soon. But they are certainly gearing up to enter that market. They are learning to flip things around.

SPH’s Zaobao reported that an elderly man committed suicide by setting himself ablaze. I think it was the first of the SPH papers that “broke” this news. This is a screenshot from Zaobao online:

Screenshot from Zaobao Online

Screenshot from Zaobao Online

The section that I’ve boxed out reads that the old man was troubled because he wasn’t able to find work. Senior citizen commits suicide because he couldn’t find work. That’s something that will surely be played up by anti-establishment alternative media sites. And true enough, sites like All Singapore Stuff and States Times Review went rabid over the news.

Then SPH FLIPPED their story. In Shin Min, another paper owned by SPH, and The New Paper, it was reported that the old man was apparently due to start work at a coffeeshop at Redhill on the day he died. Then pro-PAP Facebook pages jumped to condemn the anti-establishment sites:

But what these pro-PAP Facebook pages don’t acknowledge is that it was SPH who started spreading the “news” that the old man was troubled by not being able to get a job! If SPH, supposedly a trusted source of news, can’t get their story straight, how can you blame any one else for being confused?

SPH has journalists who are supposedly professional. Shouldn’t they put in more effort to talk to more people to find out if the old man actually had difficulties finding a job? Or perhaps that’s too much to expect from SPH? This again confirms what I’ve heard from an insider – SPH is ok with being a rumourmonger.

So next time you read something in SPH, don’t be too quick to shoot your mouth off. Better wait for a while. Because there is a good chance that SPH will flip their stories like the uncle at Jalan Kayu flips his roti pratas.

[Featured image: from misstamchiak.com]


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