Eh no la. Bat shit crazy raging lady in red not grassroots leader la

The Internet Justice Mob is indeed efficient. Barely hours after the video of a raging lady in red berating an elderly deaf and mute cleaner was posted on Facebook, this started making its rounds on Facebook:

I wonder whether the Internet Justice Mob really got the right person. Is that “Alice Fong” really the raging lady in red that went bat shit crazy just because an elderly deaf and mute cleaner misunderstood her and tried to clear her tray even though she wasn’t done? If she isn’t, then that misidentified Alice Fong really damn poor thing to be associated with raging lady in red.

But if she is, then it begs the question of whether the Internet Justice Mob did the right thing to “name and shame” raging lady in red. I personally think we ought to name and shame. It serves to let people know that such behaviour is not to be tolerated. It serves to warn other people who may be minded to do similar things that there will be consequences to such abhorrent behaviour. In short, I think it serves as a deterrence.

One thing which I think the Internet Justice Mob could have done better is to refrain from politicising everything. Or in Singlish is called politisai. Sure. Some reader “alerted” the Facebook group “Alternative View” and claimed that this bat shit crazy raging lady in red is a “grassroots leader” with Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC. But. Erm. Is what that “reader” said reliable? Sure. This Alice Fong took some photos with some PAP MPs. But that doesn’t make her a grassroots leader what.

And guess what? Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC posted this:

As you can see, according to Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC, this Alice Fong person “neither a member nor volunteer” of the committee.

So. Yes. I support naming and shaming. But stick to facts that one is reasonably confident to be correct. Don’t simply spread rumours. And it’s worse to politisai the issue based on rumours. And now that it’s clarified, I wonder if Alternative View and the other sites (e.g. The Independent Singapore) now apologise for spreading falsehoods? And will all those people who criticised grassroots leader based on this false rumour apologise?

Hmm. I think a snowflake has a better chance of surviving in hell.

[Featured image: screenshot of video from Euphemia Lee’s Facebook page]


3 thoughts on “Eh no la. Bat shit crazy raging lady in red not grassroots leader la

  1. But even if she were a grassroots leader, its not entirely impossible what. Everywhere there are people who will use their supposed connections with the top to lord it over others. Among the PAP leaning, do we assume there will never be such people? 70% is a large number, so will there not be the requisite number of black sheep?

    And what of the opposition leaning? It is a joke really that these partisan websites like to latch onto this kind of examples and smear the other side black totally. Like as though all opposition sites, bloggers, activists and politicians are paragons of virtue? They have their fair share of bigots, fabricative, seditious websites and blogs, anarchists, people who glorify convicted murderers, and the usual mindless demagogues who troll the online space with the same nasty, repetitive comments. And when election draws near, they tell you “oh, don’t lump all the opposition as one. don’t tar us all with the same brush.”

    Such is the state of local politics that rather to feel ashamed about being politically apathetic, I actually think it would be better of people keep a general interest in politics, but not be immersed in it too much, lest the need to associate with all these ugly people on both sides of the divide.

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      • Its amusing when you see how those sites and individuals are trying to dissect every move and action by Alice Fong, the husband, the PAP, the news sites etc. I see Andrew Loh calling for clarification previously on whether the woman is a Nee Soon Grassroots (before the RC issued its clarification). Then I see FAP mocking Andrew Loh with a photo of him and PM Lee, asking if HE is therefore a PAP grassroots since he took a photo with the PM.

        Reminds me of those comments page arguments I see about who are IBs, who is 70%, 30%, etc.

        All carried out by small people pretending to be larger than life.


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