ACS boys will never get conned by DHL scam. Here’s why

The latest scam that is going around is the parcels have fake passports or weapons scam. Many of the scammers would call posing as courier companies or banks in China. Some of these scammers would pose as reputable courier companies, like DHL. They would tell you that your identity has been used to send suspicious parcels that have been found to contain fake passports or weapons. They would then pass you to another scammer who would pose as a police officer.

The fake police officer would then ask you to provide your personal particulars. Then tell you to pay a fine. If you don’t, then you will face serious consequences. They will also tell you that you aren’t to tell anyone else. Otherwise you would be deemed as breaking the law.

By April this year, victims have lost more than $1million to such scams. A “lowly educated retired old woman” lost her entire life savings to this scam. Her son vented his frustration in this Facebook post:

A friend of mine, who is an alumnus of ACS got such a call recently. And he demonstrated why ACS boys will NEVER fall for such scams. You see… such scam calls usually originate from China. They speak Mandarin. ACS boys. Mandarin. The two don’t go well together. My friend didn’t understand a single word that the scammer was saying.

I’ve been told that the “-” in “Anglo-Chinese School” is not a dash symbol. It’s actually the symbol for subtraction. So “Anglo-Chinese School” means “Anglo <minus> Chinese School”. Which, judging from those friends of mine who studied in ACS, seems about right. Their Mandarin is atrocious. If they receive such scam calls, they DEFINITELY won’t understand a single word the scammers say. And that’s why they’ll never fall for such scams.

On a more serious note. If you do ever receive such scam calls, don’t fall for it. If you have the time, keep the other guy on the line. The more time they spend with you means the less time they have to fish for another victim. You can do what this person did:

What other ways can you think of to waste the time of the scammers? Or to completely ruin their day? Swear at them? Curse 18 generations of their ancestors? Wish the pox upon them and all their spawn? Share your good ideas here. Or you can also just share your experience, what to look out for, how not to be scammed. If there’s good response, I’ll compile all the responses and write a post about it!

[Featured image: from ACS(Independent)’s Wikipedia page]


16 thoughts on “ACS boys will never get conned by DHL scam. Here’s why

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  5. Donch know which i feel is more nauseating…
    The unscrupulousness of tricksters or bigotry and arrogance of some immature english-speaking ultras in our midst who have no qualms in condescendingly referring to his own mother as lowly educated and implicitly dull-witted.


    • Donch know??? Are you fucking kidding me?
      Get yourself a sense of humour la bro. Your panties too tight already.
      And where? WHERE is the bigotry in this post? If it exists, I don’t fucking see it. The only condescending, bigoted prick I see here is you. Sit the fuck down brother.


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