MHA’s statement on foreign entities’ involvement in Pink Dot shows that Singapore Gahmen has balls of steel

MHA had released a statement declaring that foreign entities should not support or sponsor the Pink Dot event. Entities that have sponsored and supported Pink Dot event over the last few years include Google, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Apple, Facebook, Visa, General Electric. These are some of the world’s biggest companies.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In telling these companies that they should not meddle in politics and sensitive issues here in Singapore, we are effectively  telling them that we think they need us more than we need them. We are telling them to shut up or fuck off. Take their liberal western ideals and get lost. No? Don’t dare to? See. You guys need to be in Singapore more than we need you to be here to provide jobs and pay taxes.

And that certainly seems to be the case. CNA reached out to the 14 corporate sponsors of the Pink Dot event for official comments. Only one gave an official response. The rest either declined to comment or didn’t respond at all. And even representatives of the sponsors which spoke to CNA did so on condition of anonymity.

So this statement is certainly a show of incredible confidence. It tells the whole world that Singapore is in a strong economic position. If any MNCs don’t like the way we do things here, they can go. We can easily attract others to come here because of the wonderful business environment that we have. And even if none of them come, also no problem. Our economy will still remain vibrant!

But we need to note that there is still one pesky company which dared to respond.

Google. It proudly declared:

“We’ve been proud supporters of Pink Dot since 2011.”

So if one day you can’t google for the information you need, you can probably thank MHA’s statement on Pink Dot.

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2 thoughts on “MHA’s statement on foreign entities’ involvement in Pink Dot shows that Singapore Gahmen has balls of steel

  1. Yeah. They’re clanging the balls of steel so much the chafing is gonna really hurt. Then we’ll see who they get to stick some lube up there to smooth things over.

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