So perhaps SPF is impartial a bit? But what of ELD?

It looks like the SPF has finally decided to get off their asses and haul in Jason Chua, the guy behind Fabrications about the PAP, for questioning on flouting the cooling day and polling day restrictions. But their action came only after Mr Augustine Lee, from the People’s Power Party, made a police report. For Roy Ngerng and Ms Teo Soh Lung, it was ELD that made the police report. Why didn’t ELD make the police report? It seems strange that ELD didn’t. Because, as I have said, the things Fabrications about PAP posted on polling day of the Bukit Batok by-election are of similar nature to what Ms Teo Soh Lung posted.

At least it seems that the police treated Jason Chua in a similar fashion as they treated Roy and Ms Teo. You can read Jason’s account of his “ordeal” here:

It seems that Jason Chua is quite upset with having to go through his ordeal. He took the police report by the PPP member as a declaration of war.

Why would Jason Chua feel that way? Isn’t it good that Singaporeans, regardless of political affiliations, play our part in informing the police when a possible crime is committed so that the police can investigate, and, if necessary, prosecute the perpetrator? Isn’t that what the police has been encouraging us to do? So if this Jason Chua really loves Singapore, shouldn’t he feel encouraged that there are Singaporeans who are alert and on the look out for potential crimes, right? Why is he taking it so personally?

Also, Jason Chua claims that he is the only one involved in running Fabrications about the PAP. Perhaps he is the only one involved now. But when the site was set up in 2011, it was reported that there were at least four others involved in setting up the page.

So the police really needs to be thorough in investigating if there were others involved in making the offending posts. If there were, they need to be prosecuted too. Similarly with Roy and Ms Teo. If there were anyone else involved in making the offending posts, they too need to be prosecuted. That’s why their handphones and computers were confiscated. To ascertain if anyone else were involved.

But this is all a distraction. What is worrying is that the ELD didn’t take action. Why did it take a citizen to make the police report? ELD sleeping ah? Ok. Perhaps it’s not at all clear that Jason Chua violated any regulations so ELD was still trying to decide whether to make a police report. But what about this:

All those posters in the hawker center are clear violations of the Parliamentary Elections Act. What has ELD done about them? A police report has been made. What has the police done? It’s trickier considering that Minister Shanmugam, who is the minister for home affairs, is involved in this.

By delaying any action or not investigating with the full vigour and rigour that they did with Roy and Ms Teo, the police risks the following giving people the wrong ideas. It makes people wonder if the police are afraid of investigating because doing so will piss off Minister Shanmugam and hurt their careers. Or worse. It makes people wonder if Minister Shanmugam has used his authority to suppress any investigations into this.

SPF, ELD, what are you guys doing? Why taking so long? I think you owe it to all Singaporeans to give us a proper explanation of what you have done regarding such flagrant breaches of the Parliamentary Elections Act.

[Featured image: from ST Online]


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