Spate of lift breakdowns in PAP’s Town Councils show that karma is real

It started with the “freak accident” last year just after the general elections. An elderly lady’s hand got severed because her hand was caught between lift doors. Then an elderly man fell and hit his head while reversing out of a lift on his mobility scooter. In March, a lift in Ang Mo Kio shot up 17 storeys while a domestic helper was in it. She was trapped for 90 minutes. Things got drastically worse this month.

In early June, a woman fractured her spine when the lift she was in shot up to the 11th storey from the first and then dropped down to the third and shot up to the 12th storey. Then earlier this week, all three lifts at a 33-storey block of flats in Woodlands broke down for almost four hours. Most of the residents in the block are elderly. And in almost similar fashion, all four lifts of a 40-storey block of flats in Dover Crescent lost power for close to an hour.

In addition to these major breakdowns that have made the news, it seems that there are many other cases. Facebook user Janice Poh posted this status update:

As you can see, in a short span of four months, the lift has been “under servicing” for an incredible 18 times!

With the exception of the first incident of the elderly lady losing her hand, all of these incidents happened in lifts managed by PAP -run Town Councils. It really makes one wonder how incompetent the people in those town councils who are tasked to ensure that the lifts are well-maintained and can operate smoothly are.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has finally spoken about this issue. It said that its investigations revealed that overall standard of maintenance by lift contractors could be further improved. Couldn’t the town council have come to that conclusion? Or were they too bloody cheapskate? Have a tidak apa kind of attitude? Just wayang, appear to do their job can already?

And until now, PAP hasn’t said anything. Not a single word of apology for their incompetence. This is after them launching barrage after barrage of criticisms at the WP run Town Council for alleged mismanagement. One criticism was that the WP-run town council turned an operational surplus into an operational deficit.

Well… it turned out that there was a lift malfunction in the WP-run town council some time ago. Being proactive and wanting to prevent similar incidents from happening, the WP-run Town Council overhauled lift maintenance procedures. This contributed to a significant increase in operating expenses.

Now if the PAP town councils had been doing their job properly, and proactively put in measures to ensure the safety and operability of the lifts, they would likely have had to incur operating deficits too! But they weren’t. They were sleeping. And now, they’re being punished for it. See la. Anyhowly criticise WP. Now kena yourself. Orbigood.

Karma. Is real.

[Featured image: Lift that shot up and down between floors in Bukit Panjang undergoing major repairs. Image from ST Online]


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