To go back or not?

They say that when you go Mac, you don’t go back. In 2011, I started using a Mac. I got a MacBook Air. I’m still using that now. I’ve had to change the batteries a couple of times already. It does give me some issues now and then (e.g. some times it gets really slow…). But it generally still works quite alright. That said, I do think that it’s time to change. Best do it before my laptop completely dies, right?

So I was really excited to learn that Apple has released a new MacBook Pro. Until I saw what they actually released. It was… so underwhelming. I mean… The best thing you can come up with is a multi-touch toolbar? Really?

Ok… so maybe the specs have been upgraded. But isn’t that supposed to be a given? We’ve been made to believe that Apple stands for innovation, for being revolutionary. But this latest MacBook Pro is…

Ok… maybe it’s revolutionary in the way it killed off most of the ports that people have grown accustomed to. Bye bye to the standard USB ports, HDMI, SD card. All that’s left are four USB-C ports and a earphone jack. So if you want to use regular devices that needed those old ports… well… you’ll need to go buy a new adapter.

Contrast that to what Microsoft pushed out:

So cool! The Surface Book… looks really enticing. Touch screen that is detachable. 16 hours of battery life (compared to the 10 hours from Apple’s latest offering). As I was telling my friend, with such cool products, Microsoft really shouldn’t have needed to hard sell. Just let the products do the talking.

I am so tempted to switch to the Surface Book. But… the OS. Windows 10 is… still, in my opinion, clunky. The feel of iOS, to me, is still more slick and user-friendly. And considering that I am using an iPhone (which I just got last year), I would like to have a common system across my laptop and my phone for ease of integration. If anything, that’s the only reason why I may end up getting the new Macbook Pro.

But… if Apple and Microsoft really continues on their respective trajectories, I won’t be surprised if more and more people “go back”!


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