Both condos, who definitely have founded an arrangement with expert property manager Sofia (професионален домоуправител София) for house maintenance amenities, supply up to 10 percent discount for your service “Monthly subscription washing.” The benefits are that they can completely cleaned property is purely our concern. The washing accomplished for yourself with a affordable time, formal house director (служебен домоуправител) usually are not dedicated to the choice procedure of staff, cleans your property only with a personally allocated hygienist. These are effectively informed, specific, correct and conscientious hygienists using the Technological Executives track the regularity of your task professional house manager (професионален домоуправител) regularly.

Individual property administrator (частен домоуправител)solutions involve Dried out recipes, cleansing the whole flat floor, Pull the complete condo, Bathroom cleaning up, cabin with bath with Garnishing hobs and washing bathrooms + boot. Additionally, they do Laundry of outside kitchen with doorways rinsed and clear the soil outwards.

Exclusive property manager (частен домоуправител) provide a Standard lower price cleaning up to be sure the immaculate hygiene of the principal door. The functioning begins with an extensive entry cleaning. The entrance door cleaning up involves in depth stairwell washing, sweeping, and rinsing, landings, front door, and a lot more.

They wash the window picture frames every single 6 months. The workers should make it a point the windows will be in excellent purchase. Tasks Presented in Cleansing Monthly subscription

•Stretch out of stairs in addition to landings
•In-front front door cleansing
•Staircase clean and also landings
•To clean up railings
•Cleaning up mailboxes
•Clean the regulates for lighting.

Once the deluge of residences, garages, basements, along with other spots, Firm executed drainage and cleaning. The services are readily available season-spherical, in both the nation’s capital as well as in other places. Even so, you want a provisional consultation for guidelines beyond Sofia. Price: Agreed upon throughout an on-site review, while the approximated cost also can gain access to by telephone.